My First Mac.

My first Mac!

I’ve always wanted a Mac. ALWAYS. They just look so shiny and pretty and Windows has always been far too colourful for my tastes (the new Windows 8 interface makes me want to vomit). So when my old Dell XPS M1530 stopped charging the battery (AGAIN) and gave me another blue screen of death, I decided it was time for an upgrade. With my NUS discount, I have just purchased the base model MacBook Pro with Retina display for a cool ยฃ1,528.80. It also came with a ยฃ70 gift cardย and three years of Applecare; ultimate win. I have had to borrow the money off of my ‘rents as it was too much of a good deal to pass up, and my NUS card runs out the end of this month.

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