On Prisons and Books.

So. The ‘prison book ban’. It’s not actually a ban, but it’s still a pretty stupid rule, and I fancied writing about it.

What the ‘prison book ban’ actually is, is a ban on all parcels for inmates who aren’t brand new. Brand new inmates are allowed one care package, I believe, and that’s it.

Apparently, it’s because Chris Grayling has introduced a new sliding scale of privileges, and he believes prisoners being able to receive parcels from outside would undermine this new system. (Previously, new inmates would start out halfway up the privileges ladder, and would move around according to behaviour. Now, like all Tory policies, everyone starts at the bottom.)

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The Daily Mail Lies.

This is just a quick post to ask as many people as possible to read this post. It completely tears the story about Romanians and Bulgarians coming here in droves apart. Please, read and share. The second most read newspaper in this country should not be allowed to print lies. Lies and propaganda, that is all it is. No wonder my beloved country is becoming more insular and hateful than ever.

Nikki x

But think of the children! *faints*

Ahh, porn. The great unifier of the internet. Or not.

So David Cameron wants all ISPs make people ‘opt in’ to porn. You know, for ‘teh childrenz’.

There are many, many problems with this, which I shall lay out for you here, along with my own experiences. I know, I know, the plural of anecdote isn’t data, but my experience seems to be very similar to those of my generation who also grew up with the internet.

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‘Vile Product…’

I’m sorry. I have to write about this. I just cannot let it go. It’s one thing for The Daily Heil to come out with this utter bullshit, but for the Chancellor to comment on it… for someone to use the deaths of six innocent children to further his own political agenda is simply breathtaking.

And people are going along with it! People are buying into this vile, horrible, degrading divide-and-rule society we seem to have somehow sleep walked into.

You know what, Daily Mail? I receive benefits. I’ve never paid tax (cue gasps of horror, throat clutching etc etc). But I’ve also no desire to kill someone. You know why? Because I’m not a murderous psychopath.

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Panic: Averted

For the people who began following me due to my previous post about being sent work experience to apply for: thank you.

But it seems all my worrying was for nothing. My advisor was fine with me not applying for it. Now I’m on weekly signings, she did do the usual thing of going through Universal Jobmatch until she had found 3 jobs for me to apply for – which will just mean I don’t apply for any off there myself, so she can always find me some to apply for and it looks like I’m ready and willing and eager.

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Tories, bloody Tories.

Ahh, the Tories. ‘Compassionate Conservatism’. (Is that not an oxymoron?)

Cameron’s speech appears to have gone down well, even among the readers of The Guardian (although I still like to believe there are a fair amount of Tory HQ employees paid to infiltrate the comments sections). I only heard a bit of it, and what I did pissed me off. What a hypocrite, talking about his disabled father whilst ATOS cuts people off from DLA. Just because your father grew up without it is not an excuse for the current population to go without!

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