Long Time, No See

So I’m incredibly aware that in January I said my aim this year was to write more. This has absolutely been achieved as I received a promotion at work into the role of Copywriter. Writing product descriptions of tyres and brake levers are out, writing blog posts, scripts, and advice articles are IN.


Alas, this is to the detriment of my own blog. I’d really like to make a renewed effort at writing in here, but I feel my blog lacks purpose, direction. Then again, maybe that is the theme my blog should take; my love of everything! My love of science, history, books, attractive men, gin, and snowy Scandinavian landscapes.


Not forgetting attractive Scandinavian men, of course ❤

SO. This is my pledge to you, person who probably found my blog when wondering how the hell to get their hair from black to blonde (Those posts are here and here. You’ll get there, I promise. Just be prepared to rock short hair for a while.).

I WILL WRITE MORE. I will keep this blog up to date. I will share photos with you of places that I go and things that I do.

For example, this year I have already been to Edinburgh and Dublin with my mom. In Edinburgh I drank Prossecco off an artist’s palette:


Tried some whiskey:


I learnt that I will never like whiskey.

And tried some Edinburgh gin:


But I bloody love gin.

In Dublin I drank Guinness even though I shouldn’t because barley hates me:


Rang the bells of Christ Church Cathedral:


And drank some more gin:


Later this year I’m hoping to go to either Rome or Budapest, and next week I’m doing a few day trips around the UK, so I’ll try to remember to keep you all updated!

Thanks for reading, and ciao for now!

Nikki x



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