T25: Total Body Circuit


As promised, I am back to tell you about the joys of Total Body Circuit!

Oh, did I say joys? I meant hell. 25 minutes of PURE, TORTUROUS HELL.

I felt like I got a good workout, but that came at the expense of having to sit on the floor and catch my breath whilst swearing a fair few times, and also accepting my lack of coordination. You want me to criss cross my legs and jump backwards whilst punching, and then swap sides? Hahahahaha. Ha.

This was a bitch of a workout, no lie. As I mentioned yesterday, my fitness is kinda intermediate. I’m not a beginner. But this workout made me feel (and probably look) like a newborn foal.

However, by about halfway through the other people in the workout were also matching my moans and groans. One of the guys had a lovely puddle of sweat beneath him. And it made me realise that this workout is hard for everyone; it’s about as hard as you make it. I still refused to follow Tania and modify, but the beauty of this workout is that she offers you a much easier time of it if you’re not quite ready to go at full speed. Now all it needs is someone else who can’t keep in rhythm and I’ll feel even better!

Tomorrow is Ab Intervals. I’m hoping it will be slightly easier than this beast of a workout, but who am I kidding? Shaun T kicks my arse, but I weirdly enjoy it.

Nikki x


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