Working 8.45 to 5

look-at-all-this-work-i-have-not-done-yet-funny-memeSince a large part of this blog was written whilst I was unemployed, and thus followed me through the nightmare of signing on, I thought it best to keep you all informed on what I’m doing and maybe even offer some tips to those still unfortunately unemployed.

As of yesterday, I got a full-time, permanent job! It’s at the company I was on a temp contract for. A week before that contract ended, I interviewed for a Merchandising Assistant job and I walked into it the day after my old contract ended. If I believed in fate, this is it.

So my first tip would absolutely be to not sniff at temp contracts. The temp contract I had was actually the first temp job I had ever applied for, as it sounded so interesting. Why I found it easier to get that job was that there were 6 positions – so instead of needing to be the best in a group of people, I only had to be one of the six best in a group of people – a far easier task! Another plus is that you’re not competing with real pros of the industry, as those people are likely to either be in permanent employment or working for themselves. Therefore a temp job is a great way to cut your teeth, especially if it’s in an industry you know nothing about. My temp job was copywriting – I’d never done that in my life! Though the interview included a written test so they could immediately judge the standard of my written work, and thankfully, it was up to snuff.

My second tip? If you don’t have to, don’t settle for second best. You don’t need to wait for the absolutely perfect position to come up, but something that piques your interest is enough. That way, when it comes to interview time, you actually have something to say about why you want the job instead of saying something that sounds made up.

I was stubborn in my original job hunt, which is why I didn’t get on with the Jobcentre. They want you to take any old crap and I wasn’t going to accept that. Now I’ve got a good job working for a big company, on a great starting wage, and I’m paying back my NI, taxes and student loan!

There was a job I nearly got last year and I was disappointed when I failed. But that job was only paying £12k. It would have been against everyone’s interests for me to take that job – the government’s especially as I wouldn’t have been paying PAYE, paying back my student loan and would have been claiming tax credits! Yes, it was a risk. I was fortunate in that I could take that risk and hold out for a good job. And thankfully, that risk paid off. It took me a long time to get  there, but I’ve always been stubborn, and my stubbornness nearly always pays off.

So yay! No more worrying about looking for another job. What a relief! But now I have a job and some stability (well, until I pass my probationary period of course!), I’ll never forget the raw deal jobseekers get. I won’t forgive or forget the government’s rhetoric when it comes to the unemployed. I won’t forget some of the things people said to me online, because I dared to have dreams yet was deemed a ‘snooty graduate’. I showed them all, and there is no excuse to sniff at someone down on their luck – it could so easily be you.

Nikki x


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