Back to the Grindstone

So, my current job’s contract is up in just under five weeks. This is a little terrifying, but this time round I have savings, which means no prospect of the Jobcentre; that definitely reduces the terror a bit!

Seven months on after I landed this job, has the job market changed? Well – no. In fact, I’d say it’s gotten worse. I am now seeing more adverts for ‘interns’ and ‘apprentices’, because apparently expecting to be paid for your work is socialist commie nonsense!

Jobs that I saw being advertised last time are still there. It’s either a way to farm CVs, or the compaies are just that awful to work for that people keep quitting. Either way – I’m not going there!

A few weeks ago, quite a few recruiters contacted me via LinkedIn after I’d jazzed up my profile. I was super excited! Finally, I was being recognised for the goddamn genius that I am. But after replying to their emails, they never got back in touch with me, despite providing them with my email and phone number AND CV.
After that fiasco, I emailed a few recruitment agencies on spec, since I work fulltime and can’t go into their offices. And… nada. Not one response.

Recruitment agencies piss me off. I don’t see the need for them. They often put the wrong job info on their ads (my current job asked for a marketing degree. My boss said this was complete bullshit, and indeed, it was!) and they don’t seem willing to give enough people a chance. They charge the employers to use them and it makes the jobseeker’s life harder. They seem to exist only to make money for themselves, whilst pissing as many people off as possible. A bit like RyanAir!

In three weeks of job searching, I have so far found ONE job to apply for. And that’s a 6 month temporary contract.

But, I mustn’t moan. A month or so off will be quite nice; I just couldn’t face being unemployed for any longer. And at least I don’t have to go back to the dreaded Jobcentre! The more I’m hearing from current JSA claimants, the more angry I get. They’re being treated like idiots, being forced to use Universal Jobmatch (which doesn’t list all jobs) and being made to apply for more jobs than they can do or want.

I believe the secret to getting people off benefits and into work is (a) having more jobs than there are unemployed people (never going to happen), (b) not using free labour at Peacocks, Poundland etc, thus reducing job vacancies even further, and (c) supporting people to make career choices that make them happy! What good is it to force a graduate into a cleaning job, when there are plenty of people without degrees who could do and indeed want that cleaning job? There is a strange belief in this country that any job is better than no job at all – well let me tell you, no it is not! I worked in a nursery a few years ago where I was pretty much bullied. I dreaded going into that place every day, and stuck it out until I could take no more. If I’d had to stay in that job because I had a mortgage to pay, my stress levels would have gone through the roof, my anxiety would have made a vicious comeback, and I would have been a terrible worker, possibly putting children in danger. How is that better than working? Yet our Tory overlords tell us it is so it must be true! After all, Goerge Osborne was once an illustrious towel folder at Selfridges, and Irritable Duncan Smith went to a make believe university! So obviously they know better than us mere plebs.

Sigh. Wish me luck, kids!

Nikki x


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