A Treatise on the Glory of Winter

My favourite kind of weather.

My favourite kind of weather.

I really love winter. Most of my friends think I’m crazy, and perhaps I am! Summer is nice and I enjoy it – so long as I’m able to enjoy it. Working in an office in the summer, trying to sleep in the summer, trying to do anything physical in the summer – they all serve to make me miserable. If it’s going to be warm I damn well want to enjoy it by swimming and reading and drinking in beer gardens. Alas, one cannot keep that up for more than 2 weeks (unless one marries a rich man, which is still on my to-do list).

But winter – winter is glorious. Snuggling down in bed when you can hear the howling wind and lashing rain outside. Curling up with a good book by a fire with a large glass of mulled wine. Walking over crisp snow in the woods and making that first footprint. Exercising without feeling like you’re about to keel over from heat stroke. Winter clothes: dresses with black tights, knee high boots and a wooly snood for warmth. Christmas parties! Going out to a club and not being hit by the sour stench of body odour.

Although I prefer the colder months, I really enjoy having seasons. If we had summer all year round we’d get bored of it. The same goes for snow, even for me! The variety of the weather in this country is something to behold; very rarely are two days the same. That’s why the second the sun peeks out from behind a cloud we have men stripping off in parks and babies playing in paddling pools. The first snowflake to touch the ground results in grown men gawping at the window as they’re reminded of that fond memory when your mum shouts, “Snow day!”

And Christmas. Ahhh, Christmas. I’m not religious – I’m downright staunchly atheist. But Christmas is about more than religion. Christmas is the holiday of both hedonism and caring. You can tell when Christmas is coming, even away from the decorations and Starbucks’ red cups. There’s a chill in the air but a sense of warmth emanates from the 80% of people who aren’t Scrooges. Festivity abounds and productivity falls through the floor. The decorations make a home feel more like a home and the food is huge and comforting. If you go on a night out near Christmas you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time: people just want to share the love! It’s also acceptable to walk around with a silly red and white hat on your head and baubles for earrings.

The New Year I find is always inherently depressing, when you sit around bloated, gorging on rubbish TV and the leftover Quality Street that nobody wanted but you can’t leave alone. But that feeling only lasts until the snow properly starts and Facebook fills with Instagrammed photos of your average suburban back garden looking like a portal to Narnia.

And that is why I love the winter.

Nikki x


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