All For The Vanity

I’m back on the running wagon. Or, should I say, back on the treadmill. For lo, look what I am now the proud owner of:

It’s a Roger Black Gold: £300 from Argos but mine is 10 months old from eBay and cost a mere £160. Not bad! (I would have liked a snazzy one that uploads my runs to Nike+ but at £2k, this one was more within my budget.)

Getting back into running is a bit hard. A lot of me hurts. But after seeing a lot of friends recently getting very fit I got a bit jealous, and I’m a tightwad and am not going to pay £60+ a month to go to a gym just to use their treadmills. (Yes, I know some gyms cost a lot less but I’m a bit of a gym snob and only like ones with mood lighting and no shouty people and no children and they cost a lot.) So my own personal treadmill makes a lot of sense: mainly that I don’t have to schlep to the gym every day after work, because nothing is more soul destroying than getting home hours after work ends.

I’m only running for vanity. I will be a size 12, god dammit. Being the average size means there’s nothing left when it comes to sales and that is always slightly depressing. Well, and the health benefits I suppose. But mainly vanity. After doing the 5:2 with my mother for a few months, I realised it just wasn’t working for me. I have to work out to lose weight. My mom has lost over a stone on the 5:2 so it’s great if it works for you, but it’s not for me. Never mind!

In other news, work is going very well. I didn’t think I would enjoy work so much but I really do. It helps that I’m doing something I enjoy. And on Tuesday I am going to see The Lion King with the mother! Eeeee! Front row seats! Double eeee!

This was really a very unconstructive post. I just wanted to show off my treadmill if I’m honest.

Nikki x


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