Intern: wise?

I have posted an update to this blog post here.

There is a questionable website I have recently come across in my job hunting travails, and it is Internwise (link opens in a new tab).

Why is it questionable? Well, to begin with: when you want to apply for an internship, the only option is to ‘send them a message’ – not a covering letter, and there is no option to upload a CV. Odd.

Now to do this you need to create a profile, where you can upload your CV. But you can’t see your profile how employes may see it, and I have supposedly uploaded my CV, yet I can’t see it anywhere. This is the page where you upload your CV. Yet this is after I have uploaded my CV:

Does my CV look uploaded? No. No it bloody doesn't.

Does my CV look uploaded? No. No it bloody doesn’t.

Of course, there is an option there to ‘Download CV’, so I have to trust it has been uploaded. But I still have no idea who can see it, if anyone. I have no idea how I am coming across to recruiters. To me, this is a glaring omission that instantly puts me off using it.

But the icing on the cake? The pricing options.

‘Innovative way’. Lol.

Note that nowhere does it explain what your ‘free’ profile gets you. My guess? Bugger all.

Let’s not forget that the majority of internships are unpaid. So this website is asking skint graduates to pay for the opportunity to do unpaid work? Honestly, the mind boggles. It’s basically a recruitment agency that you have to pay for.

I did a quick Google before writing this blog, on people’s experiences of the company. I came across nothing, bar this one forum post.

Hi,I am looking for an internship, and I got a call from this company. just wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I read on their website they offer a guaranteed internship for £100. scam?

The reply?

Well its cheaper than other internships you have to pay for…

I’m sorry, is this actually a widespread practice? Paying for the joy of working for free? Am I shockingly out of touch or has something gone dreadfully wrong in our society? It seems to me that this company is using unscrupulous methods to prey on the desperate graduate. I like to think I have my head screwed on pretty well and would never fall for such a gimmick; when I was acting, the rule of thumb was, “Never pay for an audition! It’s a scam!” That was drilled into my head constantly: isn’t it the same for everyone else?

Note that I don’t actually think this site is a scam or fake. What I do think is that it’s a sad indictment of the times we live in, which is arguably worse.

What do you think? Should graduates be willing to part with hard earned cash for the opportunity to gain work experience? Answers on a postcard.

Nikki x


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