So how did I cope with my first fasting day on the 5:2 diet?

I’m not gonna lie. It was hard.

I was fine in the morning; I had 2 satsumas and a cup of tea and I had my game face ON. I had lunch at 3.30 with my mom which consisted of this lovely mushroom stroganoff. But then what I feared would happen, happened. The time between lunch and dinner is always the time where my rational mind leaves me and I become ravenous, and yesterday was no different. I had to have a couple of snacks (a few almonds, a slice of lean ham) to keep me going! Then I got light headed, lost all concentration and got a headache.

For dinner I had a stuffed red pepper with veggies on the side which did actually fill me up quite a bit. And just before I went to bed, I had a miso soup that everyone on the forums raves about. Ugh, it’s gross. Really, really gross. Too salty and too seaweedy. Never again!

So I made it through the day having consumed 492 calories (give or take a few, calorie counts vary wildly online). I had a cracking headache by the time I went to bed but I’ve woken up with a sore throat this morning so it could be completely unrelated to the fasting. I live in hope! I think next time (Monday) I will try leaving all my calories until the evening. Although I’m not entirely sure how it will work as I’m going to the theatre to see Derren Brown. Ahh, I’ll play it by ear.

My mom seemed to find it easy, cowbag that she is. She seems much more determined having someone do it alongside her, and it works both ways. I can’t let her down!

I promise this blog won’t turn into ‘Nicola’s diet diary’, so I will shut up on the subject for a while unless I lose like, a stone in a month 😉

Ciao for now!

Nikki x


One thought on “492.

  1. Good luck! You’ve done the hardest day – day 1. You will get used to it and fast days do get easier with time. Top tips – drink tea and coffee without milk during those tricky hungry afternoons – gives the illusion of being full. And yes save your kcal for the evening! I’d also move fast days from any day where you want to enjoy yourself! Read my blog at http://fivetwofast.wordpress.com/

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