Still jobless

I recently didn’t get a job I had very high hopes for. I was told if they had two positions, I would have been given one, but I was pipped to the post by someone with more experience in SEO – for an entry level job. It was a small company so I have to look at it from their point of view whereby they need the most bang for their buck. But wow, it was demoralising.

I’m so tired of job hunting. It’s exhausting. You put so much effort in for so little reward. Each time I get a rejection, I lose a little more motivation. This is never a good thing because it’s hard to even have motivation for job hunting to begin with.

I’m not the kind of person who is going to go into teaching or be stuck in retail – I am only applying for jobs I actually want to make a career out of, which is probably why it’s taking so long. I don’t need a stopgap job. I currently work part time in the industry that I want to stay in (marketing in a tourism/arts based environment) so moving out of it for the sake of a few extra pennies would be silly – surely what I’m doing now looks better on my CV.

I hate job hunting, but I don’t hate being unemployed. I hate the lack of money, yes, but I am not the kind of person who gets bored at home. Some people say they wouldn’t give up their job if they won the lottery – I would, in a heartbeat!

So whilst I’m out of work I am going to make it my mission to read as many books as possible. I won’t do very well, because the internet distracts me far too easily, but I may as well get something productive done whilst I have the time. I’m also taking a Level 2 IT course through Vision2Learn – it’s so easy that I’m doing the assessments without reading the material, but apparently some companies like you to have a meaningless piece of paper saying you know how to make Powerpoint presentations (I HATE Powerpoint, I wish it would die already).

And of course, I have my Swedish. I miss it so much over the summer! As much as I like to laze about at home, it’s so nice to have a bit of structure and learn in a classroom environment. And of course meet new people! One reason I disliked uni was because I missed school style learning – being talked at in lectures would just make me zone out. (A reason that I have never got on with audio books!)

I think my only option is just to marry someone rich and spend my days travelling and partying and reading. I could really get on board with that :p

Talking about travelling, I’m going to Prague in December with my mom. We had enough air miles for a return flight each (from Heathrow, ugh, but flying with British Airways, yay!) and so with the savings we’ve booked separate rooms in the hotel (my mom snores). £163 each for 5 nights bed and breakfast in the centre! Not bad I’d say. And we have months and months to save up for beer money 😉 This does mean I am going to have to forgo a summer holiday (sorry Lydia!) but never mind.

Ahh well, enough of my whining. I’m a positive person and I bounce back very quickly – I’m rather resilient. Plus I have Derren Brown and High Society at the theatre to look forward to in the next few weeks!


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