Next week, I am going to Amsterdam. I know. On JSA. How DO I do it? (The answer: still live at home, only child, very sympathetic parents, and I’m tight as anything. I’m very good at saving.)

Just thought I’d pop this post here in case any of my readers have any places they would recommend I visit? I’ve already booked tickets to the Anne Frank House and The Heineken Experience, we’re planning to go to the sex museum near Central Station (of COURSE!) and also intending to visit Apenheul (a monkey zoo? HELL yes!) I am going to go to the Rijksmuseum (probably on my own) as I have a real love for early Netherlandish art. We’re only there for four days and will probably be hungover for two of those days, knowing us, so we have to pack a lot in.

But if you have any tips on places to visit, restaurants to eat in, coffee shops to *ahem* drink coffee in, fire away!


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