‘Vile Product…’

I’m sorry. I have to write about this. I just cannot let it go. It’s one thing for The Daily Heil to come out with this utter bullshit, but for the Chancellor to comment on it… for someone to use the deaths of six innocent children to further his own political agenda is simply breathtaking.

And people are going along with it! People are buying into this vile, horrible, degrading divide-and-rule society we seem to have somehow sleep walked into.

You know what, Daily Mail? I receive benefits. I’ve never paid tax (cue gasps of horror, throat clutching etc etc). But I’ve also no desire to kill someone. You know why? Because I’m not a murderous psychopath.

I hadn’t followed this story at all until Twitter went mad over this front page, so this is not going to be a very nuanced discussion. But, from what I have read from less biased sources, this bloke was an absolute nutter. He was the definition of a ‘scrounger’. He was on Jeremy Kyle for Christ’s sake; an advert for personal grooming lessons if ever there was one. (I just can’t get past that moustache.)

He stabbed a girlfriend 23 times whilst she was sleeping. He bullied the mothers of his children into giving him their benefits (which they were entitled to, by the way, because the government has accepted that one cannot survive on the current minimum wage). He then hatched a plan to set the house on fire, so he could run in, rescue the children and play the hero.

And the children died.

Are those the actions of a rational person? A sane person? An intelligent person? No. Was he on benefits? Yes. Are all people on benefits dangerous thugs?


How could they be?!

How have we reached 2013 still having this debate? You cannot tar an entire group of people with the same brush. This is no different to racism, to sexism, to homophobia. Just because one member of a certain group is a vile specimen of the human race does not mean they ALL are. Jesus Christ people, this is Basic Logic 101! Has our standard of education actually fallen that much? (It’s a bloody good argument to not implement Gove’s policies, if that’s the standard of education his generation grew up with).

Does no one else see where this is headed? If we continue to allow the weakest in society to be attacked, what happens? Do we end up with Poor Ghettoes? It seems over the top but you only have to look at the sort of anti-Jewish bile the Daily Heil was publishing in the 1930s to see where this could so easily head without too much imagination. And god,  I HOPE and PRAY I am being over the top.

I don’t want to live in a country where it is ok to attack an entire group of people because they have fallen on hard times and are claiming help which they are entitled to! It’s not a crime to be poor and unemployed, is it? How about disabled? I follow a woman on Twitter who was recently challenged by someone who knew her, asking her what she used her DLA for! WTF?! How has it come to this?

So, this is a call to arms. The next time you see someone post something discriminating against a weaker member of society on Facebook, Twitter, or hear it mentioned over drinks – don’t let it slide. Challenge them. Get into a reasoned debate and help them see that they are only one bad fall, one car accident, one malignant lump away from being a member of the groups they castigate so much.

No one is immune from getting sick and no one is immune from being poor and unemployed. Stop this ridiculous divide and rule and fucking love each other, you idiots.

Nikki x


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