I don’t intend to keep this post here very long – just long enough so people can advise me on what I should do, I’m not very up on my rights as a Jobseeker because they don’t bloody tell you them!

Anyway, the other day my advisor emailed me a job to apply for. I’m now on weekly signings as I’ve been ‘unemployed’ for 8 months. As most of you know, I work part time as a Marketing Assistant – the area I want to stay in and move into a full time position within.

This ‘job’ is actually ‘work experience leading to a job’. In sales. It also emphasises customer service, which I specifically told my advisor I don’t want to go into, because I’m very sensitive and if an angry customer yelled at me I would end up bawling my eyes out.

What is also amazing about this ‘job’, is the job description doesn’t actually tell you what it is: it just reads as a list of attributes they want their free workers to possess:

Like, what do you think it is? It seems suspiciously like telesales to me, which is an absolute joke. Why would I give up a part time job in Marketing in a museum, where I work with intelligent people I adore, for work experience where I will presumably be treated like a number?

The other brilliant thing is I have a degree, and I have held part time jobs since I was 18. I’m now 25. I’m pretty sure I already possess enough work experience.

I intend to email her and ask if it’s mandatory to apply. If it is, I am in a brilliant situation whereby I can just sign off: I still live at home, and my parents completely support me in this decision. They think it’s disgusting I am being asked to give up part time work for an unpaid job in something I have no interest in and would undoubtedly be rubbish at.

I also didn’t know they could email you?! Fucking Christ on a bike.


6 thoughts on “Sketchy.

  1. If you are put under any pressure, apply for the job. No one says you will be invited to interview. If you were, just come over like a thicko and you are home dry. You ticked all your boxes with the JCP and you stay in your current posotion.

  2. I seem to recall from my own period of harassment by JCP, that on the list of possibly-acceptable excuses for not being a good little clones was something about how you could refuse to do stuff on grounds of conflict with religious belief or conscientious/moral objection.

    I don’t know about you, but I have a deep and sincere moral and conscientious objection to people being forced to provide free labour for profit-making enterprises…

  3. As far as I can tell, “Work Experience” as recommended by Jobcentreplus is an entirely voluntary scheme which you have the freedom to reject. However when people do, advisers tend to refer them to Mandatory Work Activity (MWA). However, if you are already working – which you are – you cannot be mandated to MWA. So it seems you should be able to refuse this without risk of sanction and be safe from being mandated to any other schemes. I might have missed something but hopefully this still holds. Even if it is possible to mandate you onto something, you could argue – through a formal complaint – that it is unreasonable given you are working and have met all your obligations under your Jobseeker’s Agreement without fail. Here’s a link about MWA

  4. Hi Nikki

    This doesn’t seem right. Clearly you have reservations about this and you should either ring them up and ask exactly what the job description is or, to be honest, I WOULDN’T EVEN BOTHER.

    I do have another option for you though.

    In 2009 I started working part-time for myself.

    May 2009, My fiancé and I were given the opportunity to work part-time around both our full-time jobs. We did this for two years building our Part-time income up to almost £250 per week. I then received a letter from my full-time employer, saying that they will be made redundant due to the company being bought out and they have to reduce their staff numbers.

    At this stage i was angry, as i have given 7 years of my life to them, doing all the training and optional courses i could possibly get my hands on. my fiancé and i talked about it and we decided i was not going to sit back and wait to see what would happen. I wrote them a nice letter of resignation, informing them politely that they can stick their job.

    I started working our business on a full-time basis and have never looked back and our best 4-week income from that was over £2400.

    I can only advise that you look into the same opportunity as what i’m involved in and explore if it’s something for you as you will be earning an extra income around your job at the museum. The hours are extremely flexible and it can work for absolutely everybody over 18.

    What i do, Nikki, is working from home, delivering & collecting catalogues. You get orders from customers and deliver their goods. Don’t worry about having to deal with an angry customer. If you worked at Tesco, you would be forced to deal with that customer, no matter how rude they are to you. With us, it’s simple, if you don’t want to deal with a rude customer, and you don’t really get any of them anyway. In 4 and a half years, i’ve encountered 2 rude customers. I have simply told them that i will not be dealing with anybody rude and walked away. Never heard from them again. 🙂

    Due to our success so far, we have now been given the opportunity to help other people from all areas and backgrounds to earn an extra £50 to £500+ per week, Part-Time working around any current commitments.

    Would you like some more info about this at all?



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