Blogs you need to follow.

I love finding a new blog or site that blows me away and is worthy of a place on my RSS feed. Here are a few of my favourites. Because sharing is caring!

Some of the most fabulous photos to ever exist. They will fill you with awe, guaranteed.

Scouting NY
I have never been to New York but it’s on my Bucket List. This blog is run by a movie location scout who posts about unusual places and spaces in New York. It fascinates me and if you know of any similar blogs about other cities, please let me know!

Mental Floss
‘Where knowledge junkies get their fix’ – what more need I say? This site is why I know so much pointless crap.

A site filled with travel articles for both the round the world backpacker and those of us who can’t go anywhere without at least four plug sockets.

Separated By a Common Language
Written by an American linguist who lives in England, this blog highlights the differences between our shared language and theorises how the differences emerged. One for the language geeks!

Zen Pencils
Famous quotes comic-ised. I’m not normally one for comics or motivational speeches and a lot of these don’t appeal to me but when they do, they really work. 

Cake Wrecks
I only really check this blog out on a Sunday because then they post the most amazing feats of wizardry. Every other day they just post really bad looking cakes.

Damn That Looks Good
Food I wish I could eat, but have to be content to simply stare at. 

An oldie but a goodie that surely everyone knows by now. Each Sunday, new secrets are posted. It’s an odd mixture of art and gossip.

The Oatmeal
Another one most people know of, devoted to funny cartoons/comics.

Comics for geeks! (I don’t get all of these. You probably won’t either.)

Funny tweets illustrated.

If you like lists, humour and learning pointless shit, you’re going to love this site.

And another staple that has recently had a huge overhaul is Digg. Previously a site that started to become overrun with conspiracy theorists, Digg has changed hands and is now much more carefully curated, featuring articles for everyone.


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