The Royal Boobies.

This is just a quick post, but goodness, I am bored of reading about Kate Middleton’s tits.

You know what bugs me about it? If they had just shut up about it, it would have died a quiet death and by today no one would ever remember. As it is, they have banged on about it (by they I mean the Royals and the media), it hasn’t died a quiet death and everyone who is internet savvy has done a search for them. So instead of less people seeing them, I’d argue that a shit ton more people have seen the royal boobies.

And you know what? THEY’RE JUST BOOBS. They’re ok. Nothing special. I’ve seen better boobs; I’ve seen worse boobs. Every second person in the world has them; some are saggy, some are perky; some are tiny, some are gi-fucking-normous; some have brown nipples, some have pink nipples; some have inny nipples, some have outy nipples. They. Are. Just. Boobies. (I can’t bring myself to say the word ‘breasts’ – it reminds me of chicken which I don’t like.)

I would argue that we should see more boobs. Why? Because the only ones we are exposed to are perfect ones, and when you are a pre-teen just starting to get them, you start to wonder what is normal. I watched the second episode of Boardwalk Empire last night (which I highly recommend) and it had lots of half-naked women running around. And you know what I realised? Natural boobs are quite a lot more saggy than the ones we are exposed to on a daily basis. It made me feel good; to be reminded that not all of us have perfect balloon shaped knockers resting on our chests.

When (if!) I ever have children, I’d much rather my kids be exposed to nudity than the violence that goes on in TV programmes that pass for entertainment.

And my other argument is that, whilst I don’t think it’s ok to take candid shots of celebrities’ bits and reveal them to the world, there is very little difference between this and the infamous Daily Mail sidebar, which makes a living out of analysing every inch of every half-naked woman they happen to have candid shots of. It can’t be one rule for an actor and another rule for a future Queen. All or nothing, tabloids/magazines! Take it or leave it!

So let’s get over this prudity, celebrate women for being fantastic no matter what their chest looks like, and let’s also have a page 2 bloke because I’m all for equality 😉

Nikki x


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