My First Mac.

My first Mac!

I’ve always wanted a Mac. ALWAYS. They just look so shiny and pretty and Windows has always been far too colourful for my tastes (the new Windows 8 interface makes me want to vomit). So when my old Dell XPS M1530 stopped charging the battery (AGAIN) and gave me another blue screen of death, I decided it was time for an upgrade. With my NUS discount, I have just purchased the base model MacBook Pro with Retina display for a cool £1,528.80. It also came with a £70 gift card and three years of Applecare; ultimate win. I have had to borrow the money off of my ‘rents as it was too much of a good deal to pass up, and my NUS card runs out the end of this month.

Anyway, my new laptop came yesterday and this thing is stunningNow I have always been keen on technology (my best friends call me ‘gadgets girl’) but I don’t think anyone could fail to be impressed with the beauty, the sleekness, the speed of this thing. Coming from a laptop with 3gb of memory to one with 8 is just insane. I could have upgraded it to 16 but I think that would make my brain explode.

Now since I have never used a Mac, I have spent the majority of my time with it googling things. Trying to get deep into system files requires you to type commands into Terminal in order to see hidden files and folders; in Windows it’s just a click away. So I guess you could say OS X is more idiot proof. Trying to install Windows from a USB drive (for games) is a frickin’ ballache and one I can’t be arsed to deal with. For now, my Sims games will have to run on OS X. Since I have an iPhone and an iPad I probably understand OS X slightly better than I would if I didn’t have these things, but lots of it still doesn’t seem logical to my brain.

So despite me having to unlearn Windows habits, what things am I loving? So far:

Backlit keys. I don’t tend to type in the dark so they don’t have much practical use but MY GOD they’re so cool! And they only turn on when you’re in low light! (This can be overridden.)

The SCREEN. If you’re near an Apple store, go. Go now. The screen is out of this world. I remember when LCDs first came in and the colours always seemed so drab compared to the old CRT monitors. Well, not this beast. The clarity of text and pictures is phenomenal – although it really shows up pictures that aren’t up to snuff and non-retina optimised apps look awful. Twitter for Mac – get on it! (Currently using the public alpha of Tweetbot which seems to be great so far!)

Trackpad gestures. Having an iPad (well, it’s actually my parents’) has prepared me quite well for this and I wish the iPhone had them. It’s so awesome. Swipe one way – mission control! Swipe another way – all your notifications! Swipe to go back in a web browser, swipe to go froward to your next full screen app. SO MUCH WIN.

Hot corners. These are just handy. I have one set to show me the desktop as coming from Windows I get a bit frustrated I can’t just hit the Windows+D key to see the desktop. And I have a beautiful background picture, as you can see:

Notification centre. Just like in iOS and it SYNCS WITH MY PHONE. So any reminders I set on my phone also show up here. Awesomesauce.

Temperature. My old Dell had a problem with overheating. This was a known fault and they should have been recalled. Alas, they were not. This machine is so cool that the fans have only kicked in once; when I was transferring all my photos into iPhoto.

BUT, with the good always comes the bad. These are minor annoyances but seem odd to a Windows user:

Having to select the hard drive manually. Like, it’s not available in Finder. You have to select an option to show it. That annoyed me.

Things hidden in non-logical places. That desktop picture up there isn’t in the folder where the normal desktop images are. Oh no. It’s hidden in some bizarre place that I would never have found if it weren’t for Google. WHY? Why put these stunning pictures (used for the screensavers, by the way) in such a stupid place? It’s 2012, who even uses screensavers anymore?

Nothing friggin’ closing and windows building up on top of each other. Seriously. When I click an x, I expect something to close. And some do close, like the Notes app. But some stay open. Where is the logic?!

As you can see, those are only minor gripes. This is a truly stunning machine and I’m glad I made the switch to a Mac 🙂 (even though that smiley does look fuzzy.)

Nikki x


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