Adventures in hair colour.

People who know me know that I get bored of my hair very quickly. I like to change it quite often, although that was a problem for many years because my hair was dyed black:



Getting black dye out of hair is a nightmare. For example, this was the state of my hair after two sessions of bleach:


Sexy, non?!

After that little catastrophe I gave up and dyed my hair red. It looked nice at first:


But it quickly descended into a bright orange hell:

Damn you Christina Hendricks and your unobtainable hair!

So after that I dyed it back to a dark brown:



Which is where it has stayed for about a year or so. And then the other day I got bored again, and the thought of being a beautiful Florida style blonde entered my head. As a child, I was a bit of a honey coloured blondie, and so I don’t see why it wouldn’t suit me as an adult.

So off I went with my reluctant mother in tow to Boots. We bought a pre-lightener, and of course, yet again the end result was platinum blonde roots with tangerine coloured midlengths and ends. But we’d also bought a honey coloured blonde dye! So we put it on… and it did nothing.

I was rather panicked by this stage and it was also about 9pm, having spent a good 6 hours getting my hair from brown to orange. I did some Googling, and was informed that I required an ash brown, which I sent my mom out for the following day. This actually worked, but it was still a bit too dark for my liking. And then, my mother got chatting to a neighbour who used to be a hairdresser and she said she would do my hair for me! So we had a trip out to Sally’s (in Redditch) and bought two Koleston ash blonde dyes and 40 vol of Peroxide and she did me a cap of highlights.

Unfortunately, they didn’t take as much as she had anticipated (I probably needed another pre-lightener but she was terrified my hair would snap off – and remembering the state my hair was in when I bleached it twice a few years ago, I don’t blame her!) but they have lightened my hair overall and given it a really nice caramely look:


And I’m really happy with it! It almost matches my eyes exactly which I must stress was not intentional. So the plan from here on out is to do some more highlights in a month or so and maybe this time next year I will finally have reached the dark golden blonde I so want.

And then I will probably want to go pink.

Nikki x


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