OkCupid is full of freaks.

I online date. I am not afraid to admit it. My reasons for online dating are that I have never met anyone through work, my friends and I have a serious lack of male friends, and in my experience, men you meet in bars/clubs are only looking for one thing, and one thing only.

My favourite site is OkCupid, because it seems to have some sort of semblance of science to its matching programme, it’s free, and it looks quite good.

Now, whilst OkCupid definitely has its share of normal, good looking men, it also has its share of absolute freaks, idiots and sex pests. I thought bringing together some of the more recent weird/stupid/funny messages would make for an amusing blog post, and maybe I will set up a seperate blog for people to submit their own horror messages.

So without further ado, I give you the weird world of online dating. (Names have been cropped/blacked out to protect them from embarrassment/a life of singledom.)

Click for larger images.

That’s all for now, I’m sure I will have enough for a second blog post soon enough!

Nikki x


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