Attempt #1,235

Yes, this is my umpteenth attempt at keeping a public blog. Yet this one will work. This will be my blog to end all of my other blogs full of five-odd posts.

I hope you like the title of my blog. It was inspired by this:

So, if by some random miracle you have stumbled upon this not knowing who I am, then I shall introduce myself:

I am Nikki. My real name is Nicola Jayne, but no one ever calls me Nicola so it’s slightly pointless telling you that.

I am exactly twenty four years and six months old – tomorrow.

I like hideously sweet fruit flavoured cider, learning Swedish, eskimo kisses and dance music.

I do not like spiders, people who don’t listen the first time I tell them something, Renaissance art and Eastenders (too shouty).

I work part time at a museum as a tour guide. Not any old tour guide; a ghost tour guide. However, I do not believe in ghosts. If I did, I couldn’t do my job. (I have seen weird things but I put them out of my mind, for I do not like the realm where the laws of science appear to have no influence.)

I study with the Open University, but I have almost come to an end. If you are interested in knowing anything about my OU experience, please read this blog. I also used to study at Kent but dropped out in my second year. I studied Drama and spent a year and a half making cardboard box forts and standing on the streets of Canterbury next to a classmate dressed as a toilet paper mummy. Apparently it was art.

Well, I think that is a good enough introduction! I intend to update this blog sort of regularly, so please do stop by again soon.

Nikki x


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