The Genographic Project

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with my ancestry. Where I come from, who my ancestors were, what connections to other countries we have.

What I do know isn’t very interesting. My dad’s mom was from Dublin, but she was brought up by nuns and we know little of her family. Esther Mary O’Connor; what a perfect Irish name. Her mother’s maiden name was Taaffe, and aside from the street she was born on (I have a copy of her birth certificate), we know nothing else about that side of the family. There are rumours that her brothers were involved with the IRA (what fun!), but it’s all just speculation. My dad just never thought to ask the questions that come to me, and she died in the ’80s, when I was a baby.

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Working 8.45 to 5

look-at-all-this-work-i-have-not-done-yet-funny-memeSince a large part of this blog was written whilst I was unemployed, and thus followed me through the nightmare of signing on, I thought it best to keep you all informed on what I’m doing and maybe even offer some tips to those still unfortunately unemployed.

As of yesterday, I got a full-time, permanent job! It’s at the company I was on a temp contract for. A week before that contract ended, I interviewed for a Merchandising Assistant job and I walked into it the day after my old contract ended. If I believed in fate, this is it.

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On Prisons and Books.

So. The ‘prison book ban’. It’s not actually a ban, but it’s still a pretty stupid rule, and I fancied writing about it.

What the ‘prison book ban’ actually is, is a ban on all parcels for inmates who aren’t brand new. Brand new inmates are allowed one care package, I believe, and that’s it.

Apparently, it’s because Chris Grayling has introduced a new sliding scale of privileges, and he believes prisoners being able to receive parcels from outside would undermine this new system. (Previously, new inmates would start out halfway up the privileges ladder, and would move around according to behaviour. Now, like all Tory policies, everyone starts at the bottom.)

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Back to the Grindstone

So, my current job’s contract is up in just under five weeks. This is a little terrifying, but this time round I have savings, which means no prospect of the Jobcentre; that definitely reduces the terror a bit!

Seven months on after I landed this job, has the job market changed? Well – no. In fact, I’d say it’s gotten worse. I am now seeing more adverts for ‘interns’ and ‘apprentices’, because apparently expecting to be paid for your work is socialist commie nonsense!

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Enter: the Whirling Dervish

I’ve got a new puppy.

My beloved Polly was put to sleep a few days after my birthday in October 2013, at the age of 14. Needless to say, I’ve had better birthday weeks. Polly was a brilliant dog. We got her the summer holidays before I started high school, so she saw me through the tumultuous teenage years, my emo stage in college, going to and then leaving university, finally getting my degree, and my first proper job. When anybody, animal or human or teddy bear, accompanies you through so many life-changing events, watching them go is heartbreaking. But when she did go, I knew immediately that I wanted another dog. Continue reading

The Daily Mail Lies.

This is just a quick post to ask as many people as possible to read this post. It completely tears the story about Romanians and Bulgarians coming here in droves apart. Please, read and share. The second most read newspaper in this country should not be allowed to print lies. Lies and propaganda, that is all it is. No wonder my beloved country is becoming more insular and hateful than ever.

Nikki x


This is a cross-post from my blog about my experience with The Open University: Open All Hours.


Graduating in front of my favourite bar: apt!

So that’s it. I’ve done it. All done and dusted. The end of an era!

Despite finishing my degree last year, I only graduated this past Saturday (November 23rd) because of when the graduation ceremonies were. I wasn’t that bothered about going but boy, am I glad I did!

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